As an industry leader in creating secure solutions for Big Data, Peterson Technologies provides for the application of technology, mathematics, research and statistics to the analysis of Big Data to extract useful properties of data. With over 20 years of experience, we are the recognized experts when it comes to successfully translating Big Data into valuable information and solutions - ultimately increasing profitability, maximizing efficiency, and reducing cost. Peterson Technologies’ Cloud experience translates into Big Data solutions. Accumulo, along with other Cloud architectures such as HBase, etc., have evolved to solve Big Data problems. As a leading company in the development of Accumulo to solve our customer problems, Peterson has established a reputation as an industry leader, providing Accumulo and

As a leader in Big Data, Peterson Technologies was a Gold level sponsor of the First Annual Accumulo Summit (2014) with one of the Peterson Engineers providing a Keynote presentation on smarter ways to develop information-based results. The presentation featured “A Percolator Implementation Using Accumulo” with a focus on the incremental processing of big data using Percolator.

- Discovery of Salient Attributes of Data

- Known Relevance

- Detection of the Combinatorial Explosions

- Pattern Matching

- Statistical Evaluation

- Entity Drift / Fraud Detection

- Detecting Denial & Deception

- Temporal & Geospatial Relationships & Associations

- Community Detection

- Inference of High Confidence Attributes & Associations

Big Data solutions. Peterson Technologies’ Hadoop, Accumulo, Statistics, Visualization, and Analysis experience provides our customers with the proper handling (capture, curate, store, search, share, and transfer) of their data quicker, and with better results. Peterson continues to develop and implement advanced capabilities, including the integration of cloud architectures with legacy systems and research-to-application capabilities. As an early adopter of Hadoop, we are providing Apache Accumulo solutions to meet the mission needs of the DoD. Through analysis, we develop methods and techniques to categorize & evolve information to a more finished state (i.e. knowledge) empowering a variety of customers.