Big Data

Big Data Shouldn’t Mean Big Problems!

Peterson Technologies can help create a solution for your Big Data needs. With over 20 years of experience, we are the recognized experts when it comes to successfully translating Big Data into valuable information and solutions – ultimately increasing profitability, maximizing efficiency, and reducing cost.

Big Data challenges arise when there are increases in data Volume, Variety, and Velocity. The Volume of business data alone is staggering, and it is estimated to more than double every year. Are you ready? As a result of increased volumes of data, new developments across a Variety of data types have been made to capture and utilize the data, enabling businesses to capitalize on the information by making informed supply chain adjustments, processing customer transactions, analyzing customer feedback, etc.

While the Variety of data offers the promise of valuable insight, managing its volume and the speed (or Velocity) at which it is being created is a tremendous challenge.

Peterson Technologies’ Cloud experience translates into Big Data solutions. Accumulo, along with other Cloud architectures such as HBase, have evolved to solve Big Data problems. As the original company to develop Accumulo, Peterson has more Accumulo experience than any other company. Peterson Technologies’ Hadoop, Accumulo, Statistics, Visualization, and Analysis experience can help you properly handle (capture, curate, store, search, share, and transfer) your data quicker, and with better results. Peterson continues to develop and implement advanced capabilities, including the integration of cloud architectures with legacy systems and research-to-application capabilities.

Peterson Technologies offers the following Big Data services:

Architecture Setup – Assess customer needs based on the design and interfaces into node processing (database, statistical/mathematical, user front ends, etc.). Make recommendations on the necessary hardware and a complete Hadoop cloud installation (virtual machines, Hadoop, Zookeeper, Thrift, and other packages) + Accumulo, to include building and configuring Accumulo to set up the software stack.

Integration – As companies move their applications “to the cloud,” integration has the potential of becoming a major and costly roadblock. Peterson’s solutions provide easy, cost-effective ways to deploy, operate, and scale applications on the cloud, enabling customers to take full advantage of the value of their data. In our experience, a flexible and agile approach to data migration, application synchronization, data cleansing, and data replication is necessary to integrating the cloud with existing systems, social sources, databases, and data files.

Customization – Through the addition of new Accumulo features as well as extending general web applications for cloud access (Services – Managers; query database; batch task (map/reduce); query cloud; table row (line); Helpers – MySQL; Accumulo; Platform), Peterson is able to personalize your cloud to maximize its usability.

Discovery – Using Accumulo imposes structure and provides the opportunity to develop metrics and characterize data in ways that are simply not possible using a “non-cloud” architecture. This is achieved by applying the correct algorithms to the data, rather than bringing the data to the algorithms.

Automation – Reducing Big Data down to a manageable size and transforming it into “Big Information” involves the constant, rapid, accurate, and reliable processing of any series of related, dependent tasks in a logical sequence. Automating the way you process Big Data enables you to quickly bring it down to size. Peterson helps many of our customers successfully automate processes that are connected and coordinated across departments, applications, and locations to handle some of their most overwhelming Big Data challenges. Connecting automation throughout the enterprise – including individual applications or tasks – brings some of the most complex Big Data activities down to a manageable scale.

Maintenance – Life-cycle maintenance, data management, and managing the ingress and egress of data flows is available to support customer needs.

Training – At the basic level, Peterson is able to train staff to master SQL and/or PIG, and other lightweight programming interfaces so they can access the records in creative ways via programmatic interfaces and display them through web interfaces. Advanced training opportunities are also available.

Peterson Technologies possesses the tools to set up all – or any part of – your cloud architecture. Although we specialize in Accumulo, we are experienced with other cloud technologies such as HBase and can assist in the end-to-end setup & implementation of most cloud architectures.