To help improve efficiencies, cost savings, and rapid application of innovative ideas, Peterson Technologies supports open source software development.  Peterson Technologies has established itself as an industry leader in creating secure solutions for Big Data by solving some of our customers' Big Data problems.  Through the analysis of Big Data problems, we began to develop methods and techniques to categorize and evolve data to a more finished state (ie. knowledge).  This became a driver for an architecture which could keep up with processing volumes, variety and velocity of data through its transformation.



As an early adapter of Hadoop, we were the first company to partner with a DoD agency by being directly involved in the development of an Apache Accumulo build on Hadoop and Zookeeper.  Accumulo is a key/value store based on Google's Big Table design.  Thanks to our ideas and efforts, significant advancements in solving Big Data problems continue to be made through Big Table innovations.


Peterson Technologies was founded in 2001 as an advanced technology company, providing smarter ways to ingest, detect interests, translate, display, and simplify the usefulness of mass volumes of data.  To provide this level of service, Peterson's engineers and analysts continuously develop newer and faster ways to identify, separate, and utilize interesting things.  We understand the importance of our customers' goals and know that it is our job to help our customers meet or exceed these goals, on time, and without question.