Software Company Services

Software Engineering

Peterson Technologies provides full software life-cycle solutions with expertise in the planning, analysis, design, integration, test, and operation of complex information systems and applications, as well as the spiral (waterfall) or Agile methodologies, within a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) development model process, used to implement them. Our expertise is geared toward solving our customer’s complex software requirements while ensuring high quality, affordable, and maintainable solutions.

System Engineering

System Engineering Peterson Technologies’ focus is on the design, management, reliability, and maintainability of complex information technology systems.
We lead solutions for our customers in meeting their complex system
engineering challenges by providing system architecture and design, requirements gathering and analysis, development, implementation, integration, test and evaluation, sustainment, and decommissioning services that provides for high quality outputs with minimum cost and time.



As an industry leader in creating secure solutions for Big Data, Peterson Technologies provides for the application of technology, mathematics, research and statistics to the analysis of Big Data to extract useful properties of data. With over 20 years of experience, we are the recognized experts when it comes to successfully translating Big Data into valuable information and solutions – ultimately increasing profitability, maximizing efficiency, and reducing cost. Peterson Technologies’ Cloud experience translates into Big Data solutions. Accumulo, along with other Cloud architectures such as HBase, etc., have evolved to solve Big Data problems.

Material Procurement

Peterson Technologies provides for the procurement of parts, materials and equipment needed to support our end customers information technology (IT) and telecommunications needs. Since 2009, we have been a licensed reseller of IT and telecommunications common parts, tools, spares, and expendables needed to support the Department of Defense (DoD) and the U. S. Military with their requested products and materials.


Other Support Services

As a total solutions provider, Peterson Technologies provides information technology support services that encompasses the full software and system life cycles regarding the use and knowledge of mission critical tools, techniques, and applications in order to solve our customers complex challenges.